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Reflections of Our Adventure

It has been a month since we returned home from our adventure. Our nine month adventure took us on 24,982 miles of roads; through 37 states; visiting 29 National Parks and Monuments; staying in 74 different campgrounds, homes, VRBO, and Harvest Hosts.


  • Listening to the conversations the kids had at bedtime

  • All the gas station stops

  • Unique, local shops

  • Meeting new people on the basketball courts

  • Different scenery

  • Sea creatures

  • Farmers markets

  • Parks

  • Scratching states off our map

  • Endless (24/7) family time

  • Stealing Kate’s pillow and stuffy at bedtime

  • Getting all the laundry done in 90 minutes, thanks to laundromats/laundry rooms

  • Maps


  • Showering in public bathrooms

  • Very little personal space

  • Dumping the septic tank

  • Online school

  • Driving in the wind/cross winds

  • Not knowing anyone most places we went

  • No privacy

  • Different time zones

  • Not being able to sit up in bed (Ben)

  • Doing dishes

The following are personal reflections we each have about our time on the road.

Chuck... As I sit here on the couch enjoying the air condition comforts of modern day living, I can’t believe that we have already been back for almost a month. This past month has gone by so quickly and we spent very little time before jumping back into normal life. Our daily routines were quickly changed back to the fast pace we lacked over the last 9 months. As I reflect on our adventures on the road, many thoughts continue to bounce around in my head. We saw many magnificent things along the way and were able to share all of these with our kids. Every place we went, we were constantly reminded of how great our Creator is. Seeing a glimpse of his masterpiece each day was truly remarkable.

Many people have asked me what my favorite part of the trip was. This is a very difficult question to answer in regards to a specific place we had visited, as we saw a lot of amazing things. I would prefer to answer the question; “What did you enjoy most about the trip?” What I enjoyed most happened at every stop, every hike, every beach, every campground, and every other adventure we went on as a family. The time we were able to spend as a family is what I enjoyed most. Through this time, I was able to watch each one of them grow in many ways and our family bond has grown tighter as well. I learned very quickly how blessed I was to spend this time with all of them. Although 26 feet was tight at times, it forced me to be actively involved in the daily lives of Miranda and the kids. I am very excited to be home and to now once again surround myself with our community of family and friends. I’m not going to lie, the simple paced life is going to be missed, but those memories will continue to be close to my heart for many years to come.

Miranda... I started thinking about this adventure eight years ago when I read about a family in Florida who had toured the lower 48 states. Travel, adventure and family are all things I love. In 2021, it was finally time; our time to experience this adventure in our way. We had amazing family and friends supporting and praying for us through this journey. For me, it was a sweet, sweet time. Being together 24/7, experiencing new places and trying new things together; I soaked it in. I realized how much I missed being in community with people and had to let go of my illusion of control as we ventured into unknown places each week. I got to know Chuck, Mallory, Ben and Kate deepe than I ever have. As a wife and mother who has worked outside of the home for the past 20 years I have never had this much time with my family. At the ages they are, forming their own ideas and opinions, we had many great discussions about the things we experienced together. I miss this daily occurrence already. The end of the adventure and transition back to “regular” life for me hasn’t been easy. But I focus on being grateful for the adventure we experienced together and the lifelong impact it will have on each of us.

Mallory... When my parents first told me about this trip I thought they were out of there mind and never in a million years would I do this. Well here we are 9 months and 37 states later. I have made memories I will never forget. One of my favorite things about this trip was the sunsets. Every week we were somewhere else with a different background! I really thought that I wouldn’t be able to play much basketball but we have met so many awesome people thanks to basketball! I am so excited to be home! You only live once…do something crazy.

Ben... At the start of this adventure I knew I would be missing my 8th grade basketball season. But I found I got to play basketball in many different places. In Myrtle Beach we made lots of friends on the court. Also, I got to do different sports for the first time like downhill skiing in the mountains and skim boarding and surfing in the ocean. Even though I didn’t play basketball competitively I got to make friends and try new things.

Kate... I was excited to go on our adventure but nervous about what it would be like. Each place we went I made new memories like the first time I went surfing and it was easy for me because I was so light and had good balance. Skiing in the mountains of Telluride I was a little scared. Once I went down a few times it was so fun! But it was much different than Ski Gull back in Minnesota. Going new places and making memories made the nine months in the RV go by fast.

Finally, of all the places we went these are our top 10 places we recommend visiting (this doesn’t include all the fabulous homes that hosted us as they don’t welcome just anyone):

  1. Outer Banks, North Carolina

  2. Gulf Shores, Alabama

  3. Lakewood Resort in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

  4. White Sand National Park, New Mexico

  5. Acadia National Park, Maine

  6. Arizona (everywhere)

  7. Nashville, Tennessee

  8. Asheville, North Carolina

  9. Florida Keys

  10. Merrifield, Minnesota (You are welcome anytime!)


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3 комментария

22 июн. 2022 г.

Love the family reflection. So. So. Cool!


21 июн. 2022 г.

This was so amazing to follow along with! Thank you for sharing it! Welcome home!


21 июн. 2022 г.

Thank you for sharing your experiences. I felt privileged at times sharing your excitement at places I had been but jealous at other times wishing we had traveled there.

You survived with no major accidents & you will have these memories forever.

God bless all 5 of you👍💕

Shirley Kremer

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